The Rules

1. The trade is open to tattooers and their apprentices only. I will check. It's open to everyone that tattoos, I don't have to know you or your work, but you have to be a working full time tattooer or apprentice in order to play.

2. The theme for 2020 is 2020. That means whatever you want it to mean.

3. Send 3 pieces of art. Each piece has to be no bigger than 3 inches by 5 inches. The pieces should be on paper or other thin material to make it easier for me to mail the art back out to everyone. All art should be the original piece and not a copy of your original art. Digitally produced art that is printed out is unfortunately not acceptable.

4. Send your art to:

Matt Shaver c/o Pussycat Tattoo
17052 SE McLoughlin Blvd.
Milwaukie, OR 97267

5. The deadline is December 1st, 2020. I will send back 3 random pieces of art to each tattooer by December 31st, 2020. I try to be a little bit lenient towards late submissions because tattooers are a hopeless bunch.

6. If you choose to make a triptych, be comfortable with the fact that your art will be split up between 3 different tattooers. Forever.

7. Definitely throw in some extra business cards and stickers to be sent out with your art

8. You may get art back from a tattooer down the street from you or from out of this country, it's as random as I can make it. If you are worried that you won't get pieces back as good as the pieces you put into the trade, you NEED to do this trade so you can widen your appreciation of different kinds of art and not be such a stuck up asshole.

9. The information I need from you: Your name, shop name, your email address, an instagram or web site for people to contact you and a real mail address for where to send your 3 pieces. I try to keep your information current on the web site. If I make any mistakes with your information let me know to correct it.

10. If you have questions, contact me:

Email -
Pussycat Tattoo - (503) 786-8090